Never wasting a minute, your school day will be filled with fun, interactive history activities which meet National Curriculum learning objectives. Two characters always work with the children typically from Registration until 20 minutes before Home time, so teachers can relax and enjoy the day!

Our workshops take place mostly in the classrooms, with some Hall space needed at certain times of the day.

We offer full and half day workshops for Ancient Greeks and Tudors for up to 2 classes, and a full day workshop for 3 classes. Please contact us for more information or follow the links below.

Our school workshops

Roman School Workshops - Andy and Alison dressed in Roman Outfits

Roman Workshop

NO LONGER AVAILABLE: It’s the 1st Century AD in Britain and the Roman Invaders are here to stay! Should the young Britons decide to fight or adapt to new Roman ways?

Tudor workshops - Andy and Alison dressed in Tudor outfits

Elizabethan England is an exciting but dangerous place – if you want to stay healthy, get educated, and move up in Tudor society you are going to need some help!

Greek Workshops - Andy and Alison dressed in Greek outfits

A rich Athenian lady and a proud Spartan tutor help the children learn about the wisdom of the Ancient Greeks.