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Columbus Workshop

Columbus Workshop

Christopher Columbus : Explorer!

Christopher Columbus shares the story of his remarkable adventures, recreating his meeting with Queen Isabella of Spain in this half day workshop for KS1.

The children re-enact his voyage to America using many crafts, games and songs to tell the tale. With sea monsters, mutinies, storms, gold and Native Americans, children experience a day they’ll never forget! Columbus is accompanied by Queen Isabella of Spain.

  • Convincing the Queen – why exploration is worthwhile!
  • Dangers at sea!
  • Brave Columbus’ Voyage (acted out by children)
  • Games & songs
  • Puppets & dressing up
  • Columbian Exchange – strange new discoveries and unusual presents
  • Dear Diary & writing with quills

“Fantastic! Every activity and all games aimed at KS1 children. Children loved the songs and some actually believed they had met Columbus and Queen Isabella! Well done!”
Pollyplatt Community Primary School

“A fabulous session about Christopher Columbus. All of the children thoroughly enjoyed it, were actively engaged from start to finish and learned a lot in a very fun and practical way. I would definitely recommend Makers of History.”
Partington Primary School, Manchester

“I just wanted to say thank you again for visiting our school this week. The kids thoroughly enjoyed it, they couldn’t stop talking about it for the rest of the week, and keep asking when Columbus and the Queen will be back! It was very engaging, entertaining and a wonderful experience for our children. Thank you again.”
Owler Brook Primary School

We are qualified historians and are full-time professional workshop providers. Makers of History are well-known across the North West and Yorkshire for our heritage education work at schools and museums. We have enhanced DBS and Public Liability Insurance. Our workshops are reasonably priced and easy to book, please contact us for more information.