Makers of History
Ancient Greek Workshop

Ancient Greek Workshop

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Makers of History bring the Golden Age of Ancient Greece to life in your classroom!

We offer an exciting, interactive full day of content for up to 3 classes in line with key 2014 National Curriculum objectives.

A rich Athenian lady and a proud Spartan tutor help the children learn about the wisdom of the Ancient Greeks. From two very different city-states with contrasting outlooks on life, they cover ALL the following sessions:

  • Consulting the Oracle – children play a game to find out what lies ahead.
  • Artefact handling, amazing Athenian achievements & landmarks
  • What’s the big deal with democracy?
  • What makes a Good Spartan Hoplite?
  • Growing up in Sparta
  • Play the authentic Greek board game of Achilles and Ajax
  • Craft a souvenir of Ancient Greece
  • Got a problem? Ask the genius Archimedes
  • Theatre – all children perform a traditional play with costume, wigs, music and song!
  • Greek dancing with live music

Our Living History workshops use role-play, artifacts, hands-on activities, songs and games to ensure the children experience a fun-filled, memorable day!

“Thank you so much for a wonderful day. The children commented on how amazing the Greek day was. Thanks once again for providing a day the children will never forget.” Whitefriars Primary School

“Today was fantastic! The children had so much fun they didn’t even realise they were learning at the same time!! Excellent use of drama, music and craft to teach children about Ancient Greece. Super!”
Eccleston C of E P.S., Chester

“We (staff and children) absolutely loved the Greek day. You fit it all in so well around our school timetable, were so knowledgeable and the children were enthralled throughout. There was a great range of activities, with a breadth of topics covered, all in line with our curriculum. Thank you very much!”
Springwell Park Community Primary, Liverpool

“Once again, many thanks for today. The children have had a great time and gained so much from your activities and enthusiasm for Ancient Greece. You will be hearing from us again!!” Roe Lee Park Primary School, Blackburn

We are qualified historians and are full-time professional workshop providers. Makers of History are well-known across the North West and West Yorkshire for our heritage education work at schools and museums. We have enhanced DBS and Public Liability Insurance. Our workshops are reasonably priced and easy to book, please contact us for more information.

What teachers say about Makers of History workshops:

“The day really brought the topic to life…it was a brilliant day”
Town Green Primary

“It’s incredible how much they learned in one day”
Queen Victoria Primary School

“Makers of History were extremely professional, well organised and knowledgeable”
Rushall Primary School